Stage It, Sell It

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Real Estate

It can be an easy step to skip, but staging your home is key! Staged homes will sell 88% faster for around 20% more!   There's no simpler way to increase what people will pay for your home than to stage it carefully; do it like a pro.  Here are a few tips:

1. Your first impression starts at the front door.  Have fresh mulch and flowers with lawn manicured.

2. Depersonalize your home decor.  You want a buyer to make a personal connection with your home.

3. Minimize all closet contents.  Pack like you're moving (you are!)  Half than normal will show to be roomy.

4. Remove any pet, smoke and cooking odors.

4.  Deep clean!  Closets, drawers and windows make a home sparkle.

6. Use real plants to decorate with.

7.  Use mirrors in small areas to make a room feel bigger.

When you're selling your home, there's so much to do and things can easily fall through the cracks. So narrow down a to-do list.  It'll be worth it—I promise!