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The market is HOT! With interest rates are low for buyers, the market has turned into a feeding frenzy, and home sales are skyrocketing in prices. With this high demand, it is a seller's market, homes are selling for record breaking prices, which means more money in your wallet! If you are thinking of selling your home, doing so in today's market will bring you a larger sales price. Don't wait for the market to shift.  Interest rates will begin to start going up again.  According to The National Association of Realtors they predict a strong 6 months of sales throughout the United States. With a large group of buyers hunting for homes during the summer months, you can sell your home quickly, move on to bigger and better things sooner.


This is also a great buying opportunity if you are wanting to transition into a new home. Low interest rates means more savings. You could potentially end up getting a bigger home for the same monthly payment cost when you buy your next property. In this hot market, I can help you can find the right one. 

Call me to get a complimentary CMA.  I can help you determine if  the numbers work out for you and/or your family, and if moving is something you want to do. Whether you are re-sizing, or moving to a different state, I can get the numbers in order to make sure it's in your best interest to transition in today's market. Don't wait and lose tens of thousands of dollars in your sale price!